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Founder/CEO of Leverett Education Advisors.


Educational Consultant

I founded Leverett Education Advisors after spending more than fifteen years as an educator—a teacher, administrator and director of learning center services in both an independent boarding school and public schools. In each setting, I collaborated with other educators, students and parents to build challenging and supportive learning environments for all learners. My love of teaching and learning inspired me to pursue my doctorate in the field of educational psychology. My doctorate enables me to more fully understand how individuals are motivated to learn across the lifespan.

I became an independent educational consultant because I am a mom of three amazing young people and wanted to continue to follow my passion of helping students gain access to and experiences from the best schools possible. The reality of being a trailing spouse allows me to relate to others who have similar experiences of relocating and resettling children into new home and school communities. Selecting the right school that will at once provide your children with the experiences, opportunities, and nurturing they deserve can be overwhelming without the right guidance and support. I am passionate about this work, and delight in helping families develop a plan to get their educational needs met.

Ms. James spent more than thirty-five years in education—twenty-five of them as a college counselor.  Since retiring, she has volunteered with a non-profit organization, counseling low-income and first-generation college families through the college admissions process. An inspiration to all who know her, Ms. James is excited to bring her deep knowledge and experience in the college admissions world to Leverett Education Advisors.  When she’s not helping students find their right-fit college, encouraging retirees to reinvent themselves, or volunteering as a Medicare counselor, Ms. James can be found playing bridge, supporting her grandchildren and children at countless activities, or traveling the world.  

“In 2016, there were more than 3800 public and private colleges in the United States, alone.” (Inside Higher Education, July 2017).

Leverett Education Advisors is here to help you make the right choice for your student.